An easy to deploy mobile platform for real-time transit info, providing commuters with personalized content while they wait and operators with actionable insights..



Client: ZenCity

Team: CTO: Ido Ivry, CEO: Eyal Feder-Levy, developer: Amir Ozer

Role: UX/UI

Year: May 2016


ZenCity creates new digital services that connect between cities and citizens, collects meaningful analytics and turns them into actionable insights.

LiteWait was developed for App2Go, the Smart City competition run by Tel Aviv Municipality & EcoMotion, which focused on transportation solutions.

The platform addresses municipalities’ need to collect real time information about transportation patterns in a cost efficient and simple way, and citizen’s need for access to such information.


As cities grow larger and larger, the need for better transit services is becoming essential. One of the most important services, which commuters continually describe as crucial, is providing real-time information of the approaching transit vehicles.

We wanted to provide an innovative, low cost solution for providing real-time transit information to commuters in a tailored, seamless, user experience, while creating additional value to both the user and the operator.

LiteWait uses Beacon sensors to determine location. These sensors, emitting a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signal, allow an accurate recognition of users’ proximity, and trigger LiteWait events accordingly.


Eyal, Ido and Amir developed a rough prototype for the first round of the competition, based on experiments with the beacon technology.

I joined them for the finalists round to rapidly create an engaging visual design for the app and chime in on the user flow and features. We constructed the design bit by bit, implementing it immediately as they were writing the code to see how it functioned.


The entire platform can be quickly and easily deployed in every bus stop in a city for the price of 5-10 digital signs, without requiring special infrastructure or sidewalk space. It is tailored to how commuters use their mobile devices, offers revenue opportunities to local businesses and can generate insights for city governments about transit use patterns.

LiteWait won first place in the App2Go competition and is now being pitched to municipalities across Israel.
It is available for download for iOS and Android.