Digital office displays that interact and sync to personal devices to provide unique content.

Client: Huge Inc.

TeamTomi Adewale, Jennifer Zhang, Kevin Magic Lam. Advisors: Mitchell Hart, Jason Tiernan

Role: UX

Year: July 2016


One of the tasks at Huge UX School was to do a short internal project covering an office need.

My team was tasked with coming up with a new way to utilize the digital displays that are positioned around the office to communicate news, events and showcase the agency’s work – in a way that introduces more interactivity, a greater sense of connectedness and context.


Huge is a forward thinking, innovative digital agency that takes great pride in its culture of learning and innovation where change is the norm. That should be reflected in every resource it employs, yet the office screens which greet every visitor and client are.. just screens.

Therefore we decided to focus on making the screens into a showcase of the agency’s capabilities, reflected through tech and content.


We interviewed users and stakeholders as well as observed how people currently interacted with the displays. We conducted audits of the current system’s functionality and content as well as a tech feasibility assessment.

The displays have different audiences and functions depending on their placement in the office. We came up with a strategy to guide content choices to allow each screen to have its’ own identity but also share a logic with the others and be able to play in sync.

We brainstormed, sketched and wireframed concepts for innovative uses for the displays. Huge Studio creates and packages all of the content for the displays, and we were able to tap into their library to use clips to prototype modules for the product.

We also realized other screens and devices in the space were available but not utilized, so we treated personal devices as part of the network and designed content and a way for them to interact with the displays.


We produced 2 iterations of the concept and module, creating example video modules for the displays with existing content from Studio's library and Principle prototypes for the device interface.

We tested a proof of concept with Huge employees, screening our video modules simultaneously with having them use the mobile prototype. We got great responses and employees were excited about the possibility of interacting with the screens through their personal devices.

Shortly after pitching our idea to senior creatives at Huge, a team of employees was formed to further develop and implement our concept.