Rapidfire design challenges at the Huge UX School. We met them individually and usually had a few hours to come up with wireframes illustrating a concept that answered each challenge’s brief.

Client: Huge Inc.

Role: UX

Year: July – August 2016

A search engine that works when there are thousands of results and when there are zero results.
6° focuses on the links between bits of information rather than direct answers to direct questions - thereby avoiding a disappointing "zero results" outcome.


TripIt for terminally ill patients and their loved ones, to organize and stay updated on their treatment plans and requirements.
PreOpIt emphasizes the companion aspect, sharing and depending on a circle of companions through the illness.

Time Machine Interface

An interface and dashboard for an educational time machine interface.
Teachers and students can time travel to view historical events up close, document them and discuss the findings in class.

Smart Closet

A smart closet outfitted with leap motion and a weather app, to help you get dressed quickly and appropriately.


A mobile app that serves as the interface for an elevator system in a thousand story building.

Bus Time for Apple Watch

Three key screens for the MTA's transit information app for the Apple Watch.