A web platform to facilitate information, communication and collective decision making around urban construction and remodeling projects for all stakeholders from city officials to local business owners.

Client: ZenCity, Architect Avi Layser

Team: CTO: Ido Ivry, CEO: Eyal Feder-Levy

Role: UI

Year: January – February 2016


ZenCity creates new digital services that connect between cities and citizens, collects meaningful analytics and turns them into actionable insights.

Flexible Urbanism was a collaboration with architect Avi Layser, to redesign a concept he has been working on for a system that provides information about local development for community stakeholders. The new design would incorporate ZenCity’s Community platform into the system.

Flexbile Urbanism is provided as a White Label platform that could be uniquely branded for each municipal project.


The previous design was outdated and several years old.

I sketched out ideas first and then translated them into hi fidelity designs. I kept in mind the White Label nature of the platform and designed a neutral look and feel that could contain various information modules of complex nature such as architectural documents.


I created a working prototype of key screens to be used as a demo. The demo is used to currently pitch the platform to municipalities around Israel.