A strategic guide to to equip activists, religious and civil society leaders, and their supporters with the strategies and tools they need to prevent dangerous speech from influencing audiences.


Client: Populist + The Center for Prevention of Genocide

Team: Project management and strategy: Grant Tudor, Bob Scanlon; creative direction: Hector Gruyer

Role: Content strategy, graphic design

Year: May – August 2015

Mass atrocities are often enabled by dangerous speech — a phenomenon that’s proved difficult to effectively combat. The Center for the Prevention of Genocide, an initiative of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, developed a guide on strategic communications for mass atrocity prevention. The guide, a first-of-its-kind effort, aims to equip practitioners around the world with the tools and insights necessary for effectively combatting dangerous speech.

I worked with Populist in collaboration with The Center for the Prevention of Genocide to concept, design and prototype a dynamic strategic communications tool accessible and easily usable by practitioners in the field. By bringing user-centered design and creativity to bear on the effort, we aimed to enhance the impact of the many organizations on the front-lines of keeping peace.