An urban digital platform providing citizens with real-time, personalized & contextual information about the city, while collecting actionable insights for local governments.

Client: ZenCity

Team: CTO: Ido Ivry, CEO: Eyal Feder-Levy, Developer: Amir Ozer

Role: UX/UI

Year: September 2015


ZenCity creates new digital services that connect between cities and citizens, collects meaningful analytics and turns them into actionable insights.

CommonSense is the first iteration of their flagship product, a platform aimed at transforming the way citizens and city governments interact.


The CommonSense mobile app consolidates all of the information citizens need about their local community – events, public works, new building plans, water shortages and more into one, easy to use feed view. Citizens can read, engage and even create updates to share with their local communities.

The data in the platform comes from different sources, including municipal databases, social media profiles and other citizen’s updates, and it requires almost no manual actions to create.

Behind the scenes the platform uses machine learning and big data algorithms to consolidate information from all forms of interaction (the platform, social media, municipal hotline etc.) and create insights and trends about citizen’s actual and desired use of the city.

Those insights are accessible to city officials through a tailored dashboards, suited to various levels of decision-making and operations – from the city manager and elected officials, through department managers and up to the municipal control room.


I designed an initial direction for CommonSense with the ease and engagement of social networks in mind, aiming to make active and informed citizenship feel as easy and intuitive as staying in touch with your friends on Facebook.

I sketched concepts and translated them to hi fidelity screen design and a prototype.


ZenCity have been continuing to iterate and develop CommonSense, and have now rebranded it as The ZenCity Community Platform with a new visual design.
It is available for demo requests and being pitched to municipalities around Israel.